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When you are competing to get your loan funded in Prosper, it appears there are 2 simple things you can do to help get your loan funded.

In short, yes it does. It seems that loans with more words get funded more often. I saw an analysis about this recently and it showed that listing with less than 100 words get funded about 6-10% less often than lengthier listings.

This is most significant when it comes to higher credit grades. And when you get too wordy, the funding rate starts to go down. It appears 100 - 200 words is ideal.

When it comes to the amount of numbers mentioned in a listing, it appears all credit categories benefit from having more numerical data in it. In some credit grades, there is a 20% difference in the likelihood of funding, which is huge. The lesson here is, tell more about your financials and lenders will be more confident in you.


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