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Is Prosper safe for Lenders?

Prosper is a safe marketplace to lend money to other people in return for interest. Loans are originated by Prosper and payments are distributed by Prosper. Here are some of the points which make Prosper a safe place to lend money to other people:

  • Prosper has over 100 million dollars in loans and over 500,000 members
  • Money transferred into Prosper can be taken out at a moment’s notice (if in your account but not in a loan)
  • Prosper is licensed in every state it operates in
  • Prosper verifies the credit, bank account and homeownership of every person borrowing
  • Prosper has an identity theft guarantee
  • Loans are all given a credit grade, AA, A, B thru E and HR (high risk)
  • Loans are reported to credit bureaus
  • Loan as little as $50 to any individual borrower
  • Any loan defaults are sent to collections agencies
  • Detailed (non-identifiable) information is provided about potential borrowers credit histories
  • All identifying information about you is kept private, Prosper uses a screen name similar to that of Ebay
  • If Prosper should go out of business, all loans will continue being serviced via a third party
  • Loans are repaid monthly and all relevant information about the loan is available to a user
  • All loans must be reviewed before approval, any funds you bid on a loan not approved are sent back to your account, you may re-bid the money immediately on another loan
  • Many different kinds of statistics are available for lenders to research their lending strategy
  • There is a large community of lenders out there willing to help
  • Prosper is regulated by privacy and fairness Governent acts

Now, what we can’t speak for is whether you will earn much profit. It’s like the stock market: make bad trades, lose money. Make bad loans, you get the same. Each lender has different levels of comfort and risk. Want low risk, lend to AA borrowers, or want to beat the market? Lend to lower credit grades.

Making money with Prosper is up to you, whether your money is safe and Prosper is safe, yes, it is. Here you can find out how to get $25 free to start with Prosper.


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