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Is Prosper Safe?

One question that I seem to get over and over via email thru my blog is if Proser is safe for lenders and borrowers to use. In a nutshell, yes, it is very safe.

Prosper has many safeguards for both lenders and borrowers to ensure that things like personal information is not divulged and fraud cannot take place as a result of the website. Prosper also has a community of over 500,000 members to support eachother. In the two links below, you will see a long bullet pointed list of things which show why Prosper is a safe place to borrow and lend money.

Read the links below and judge Prosper’s features and safeguards for yourself. Peer to peer lending is growing fast and Prosper represents the leading online marketplace for this service.
If you are interested in becoming a lender, Prosper makes the process of joining and funding loans very safe and easy, you can read in detail about Prosper’s features here:

One question I seem to get over and over via email is if Proser is safe for lenders and borrowers. Safe is a relative term and would have to consider their own personal level of risk and security. But as far as the service is concerned, yes it is safe.

Let me take a moment to mention some of Prosper’s features and safeguards, from this list you can make your own judgements.

Is Prosper safe for Lenders?

If you are interested in borrowing money using Prosper, your identity is safe and you have complete control over your listing and eventually your loan. You can read further here:

Is Prosper safe for Borrowers?

If you would like to explore person to person lending, you can join Prosper here.


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